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Update Version 2.0

With the 2.0.0 update, our Civi theme introduces exciting features such as AI-powered job description assistance and specialized tools for freelancers, enhancing user capabilities.

Exciting features

Auto-write ud83dudd25
Job descriptions by AI

Exciting news! Introducing automatic job description writing with ChatGPT, saving you time and attracting top candidates. Upgrade your recruitment process today!

Good price

Candidates' Subscription ud83dudd25

These features can be customized on the admin page to match preferences, improving membership and user experience.

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Enhance candidate memberships with premium features, including:

  • The number of services posted.
  • The number of featured services.
  • The number of job applications.
  • The number of jobs saved in the wishlist.
  • The number of companies to follow.
  • Access to company information (email, phone number).
  • Ability to leave rates and reviews for companies.
  • Send a message to Employer.
  • Premium Support 24/7.

Freelance Demos and Features ud83dudd25

Beautiful Freelancer Demos

Experience a sleek and modern interface designed to enhance your Freelance Marketplace experience

Freelancer Features

We are introducing new features to improve the Freelance Marketplace model

Freelancer Services

Candidates can create services with prices, acting as freelancers.

Wallet System

Freelancers receive payments from admin's commission, kept in pending, and can withdraw to their bank accounts.

Service Purchases

Employers can buy services from freelancers.

Commission System

Enable the "Candidate Service Fee" option, allowing the admin to receive a commission from the candidate's service.
Easy To Use

CV Builder ud83dudd25

Automatically convert candidate profiles into downloadable PDF CVs, similar to LinkedIn's CV export. Employers can conveniently access and download candidate CVs for streamlined hiring.

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Customize Header Layout

Customize your website's header layout to match your brand's unique style and requirements. With improved customization options, create a visually stunning and cohesive look for your job board website, enhancing the user experience.

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Date Format

Customize date format on your website to match your preferred style, whether day-month-year, month-day-year, or others. Ensure the date presentation aligns with your target audience or website design aesthetic.

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More Job Filter

The feature you can efficiently filter job listings based on country, state, and city. This feature allows users to narrow down their job search and find relevant opportunities specific to their desired location.


Explore more precise job search results with our new subcategories in the search filters and dropdown. Narrow down your search to specific areas
within each category, saving time and finding your ideal job more efficiently.

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Dropdown Search Box

Enhanced category selection simplifies choosing from a large list. Users can easily select categories within the search box, improving search efficiency and user-friendliness.

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Automated Email Confirmation

Candidate job application

Candidates receive instant confirmation emails upon applying for a job. Customize email templates easily in the admin panel for full control over content and appearance.

No login - Job applications

Employers receive automatic job confirmation emails without logging in. Streamline the process and ensure timely notifications for a seamless hiring experience.

Email Template

Job alerts

Enhance job alert communications with new email templates. Enjoy visually appealing designs for consistent and engaging messages about relevant job opportunities. Edit email templates' content and design in the admin panel.

Login success and Password reset

Introducing email templates for login success and password reset notifications. Keep users informed and engaged with automated emails. Customize content and design in the admin panel for a seamless user experience.


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